Axon Mini 7 Call Blocker

TonyBrownTonyBrown United Kingdom of GB NIPosts: 1

Hello - I'm a newbie to this forum - apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere. Can anyone recommend an antivirus app that will work on my Axon 7 Mini please? I have tried Bitdefender Total Security and Malwarebyes, (specific android antivirus apps downloaded from Google Play), but both of them are continually being switched off automatically by my phone. I have followed all the apps installation instructions and these apps do work, but after my phone restarts these antivirus apps are just switched off in my phones Settings - System - Accessibility settings. It seems any antivirus apps are being turned off by the inbuilt phone systems. Has anyone experienced this, or can recommend an antivirus android app that works satisfactorily with the Axon Mini 7? Thanks in advance.

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