Battery life?

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The built date of my A7 phone puts it at 2 yrs almost to the day so it may have been in use for 18 months. Already the battery life is 4-5 hours max. That is with bluetooth, location, gps, and unnecessary stuff off. I sometimes get the baadaadaa, dead battery noise as phone turns off, only to turn it back on and have 30-40% left. I like the phone, but don't see another ZTE product ahead as they make it impossible to change battery myself. Are batteries good for 2 yrs and then buy a new phone? I can't afford that.


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    Sorry, I found the other thread. I had searched the wrong forum earlier. I'm still a little green here. :D

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    Hello Terryh, I have the same problem, since some months ago, I have to carry on a power bank sticky to my phone, I'm looking for a Oem battery in order to provide more life to my phone, if you have an answer or alternative about our problem let me know. Thanks.


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    Hhmmmm. I have had my Axon 7 since July 2016 and I am on the original battery. I still get 2 days on a charge. I guess I am lucky with this phone. I have had a lot of other issues over the years with it that I posted about here. I did buy a replacement battery from Ebay last year but as long as this one is still good I'm not putting the new one in.

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    Mine started falling off steeply around the 2 year mark.

    You can get a kit to change the battery yourself, but it's not for the faint of heart. You have to pry the two glued-down speaker grilles off, and pry on the casing around the screen. Then the battery is glued down as well and takes a lot of slow prying. The heat gun helped a lot.

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