Keep getting Call Ended when trying to place calls

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I have good bars and LTE connection. I can receive calls. The problem is, I keep getting "Call Ended" when I try to place calls. It doesn't even try to make the call. It Just immediately says Call ended. The only thing I've found that fixes the problem is rebooting the phone.. Then a few hours later it starts acting up again.


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    Ok. Now I'm also having problems picking up calls. When a call comes in it says swipe up to unlock. I swipe up & the ringing stops for a split second, the phone doesn't pick up thecall, and goes back to ringing. Again, the only thing that fixes the problem is a reboot. This is the second time today I have had to reboot my phone to be able to accept calls.

    I got this phone for my mom too and she said she's having the same kind of problems. I'm starting to regret buying ZTE

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    Well, unfortunately I figured out the problem. I seen some other posts about the same problems others have had with different phones. The problem has to do with poor volte implementation. The solution is to turn off volte calling. However when I do that with my phone I get no calling ability what so ever. Unfortunately the ZTE Blade 10 does not support all the correct bands needed to have full functionality with Verizon.

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    While there may be some functionality available when using the Verizon network, the Blade will not be fully compatible with their network.

    There is a Visible version of the device. Visible does run on the Verizon network but as far at the GSM unlocked version, you'll have to stick with T-Mobile/AT&T to get the full benefits of the device.

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    Thanks for the reply. However the Visible variant of the Blade 10 doesn't have any CDMA bands either, and I see it is marketed as LTE only. I'm not sure it would work any better?

    Given the above mentioned problem of the phone part of the device glitching out and not being able to make or receive calls untill rebooted. Even though I can still load web pages, text, use apps, & the status bar shows 4G, bars, and volte.

    I feel like the problem is two fold. Problem 1. Sometimes it just won't ring & doesn't ever tell me I had a missed call. Then the other thing that happens. Problem 2, Sometimes I can't swipe up to answer. Then, when I try to return the call. It automatically tells me. "Call ended." Rebooting is the only thing I've found to get calls working again.

    I feel like it's a software issue that I'm guessing both phones are likely to have. In any case I'm hoping for an update.

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