Blade T2 Lite-Memory Problems

Sakura10594Sakura10594 United StatesPosts: 1

Hello, I hope I make any sense with my problem because I honestly have no idea how to explain it myself. So we're going to try this.

I got a Blade T2 Lite recently and have been enjoying it. However, over the last few days I have been having problems opening apps and now it's to the point we're getting a few more problems. I decided to move the apps to another device for now and just keep what I need but I'm running into problems there. First off, when I try and look at the apps on my card in storage it used to have the app icon and name but now it's down to the generic android icon and the base name instead. When I try and transfer stuff from the SD card to storage, it is telling me I "don't have enough memory" when right now I have 5.67 GB free. (And I'm not trying to transfer anything big I think.)

The best example I can give there is instagram. I was trying to change it to my internal storage when it gave me that message with that amount free. I deleted it and tried to redownload it from the play store and while it gets to 99% downloaded, it stops and refuses to finish and gives a message about having a problem to download.

On top of that I am trying to delete some files (pictures, video, ect) and it's now refusing to delete anything I want to on there. They are on the SD card, I have just checked.

Any ideas on what to do? I probably will have to remove the SD card to redownload Insta and I'm hoping that will save that. But I still have two apps on this phone I need to switch data and they are refusing to open now.

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