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So I contacted ZTE email a while ago with no reply yet... about the audio cutting in and out and sometimes i'll move my phone while plugged in and suddenly the music pauses so i pick it up and i press play. I'm figuring that the plug came out but its not out. I dont get it. Also, while playing COD mobile the audio is super quiet. not sure what changed. I'll be testing different earbuds but can I please have a new dongle sent to me to test? Or actually maybe the earbuds are bad now? I dont know.

Anyone else having any issues like this?


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    I use the dongle and headphones often because I usually prefer a wired connection, despite owning several pairs of Bluetooth headphones. I have never experienced any issue like this before. Has it always been this way or did it start sometime recently? You mentioned maybe the headphones are bad. Have you tried using any other headphones?

    If there is nothing wrong with other pairs of headphones, perhaps it is an issue with the dongle itself. I wonder what type of replacement dongle might work in place of the default one. There are several which come up on Amazon when you search, but Android phones and USB-C headphone dongles are a bit of a mess. Some require a DAC, although I don't think the Axon 10 Pro does, but that can make it difficult to pick one that you know will work for sure.

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    I'll have to look into another dongle then. have tried other earbuds but i think the actual port on the phone is going bad.. i dont know but i'm getting really bitter about it.. emailed support and they said factory reset the phone.. sigh.

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    So I used different earbuds and the audio is loud now... Anyone else experience issue with their earbuds

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    I don't use wired headphone/earbud much anymore and just use BT. Though, I did test the dongle that came with the phone and did not encounter issue. From my past experience where audio cuts in and out or suddenly stopped playing often indicate that the wire in the earbud is going bad. Eventually the earbud will no longer works all together (I think probably a loose connection or maybe wire is broken). So, I think if your problem is fixed with a different earbud, then it is probably just a bad earbud.

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    yep. and they wont cover the earbuds or dongle under warranty lol

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    so now i'm starting to think the charging port is going... is there a way to clean it? or check if its going? I've not had this thing a year yet and already issues. Afraid to update to android 10 too.

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    Are you able to shine a light into the USB-C port and see if there is any dust or lint settled on the back of the port?

    The back of the port should be black with a slight glossy loon on the finish of the back of the port.

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    @maverick Hello, I really doubt the charging port is going. You would see issues far worse then sound not working correctly. I use wired earbuds (I actually really liked the ones that came with the A7 and A10) and I've had issues with a few pairs. It's almost always the earbuds at fault. Even the higher-end ones are made with wire that has to be think and can eventually fail. Consider all the ways people abuse their earbuds throughout the course of a day (even being gentle.) I've never had to replace a single, but can't count how many pairs of earbuds I replace in a year. You are right manufacturers don't cover the dongle, earbuds or cases, anything they add extra in the package is thought of like a gift. If you really like the pair that was included, I think they sell them on their site (I could be wrong.) I usually switch between these or a cheap pair of Skullcandy. Hope this eases your head a lil :)

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    i'll look but i have a cap i put in there to prevent that from happening.

    I'm using the earbuds from the A7 b/c the ones form A10 broke. they got quieter and quieter over time... so i switched to A7 ones and they said just use that instead of we'll send you a replacement set.... I've never had a pair of earbuds fail in a matter of months... I'll look for a pair of USB-C earbuds somewhere sometime... I use wired ones for COD mobile b/c wireless has too much of a delay on this phone.

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