GPS problem after Android 10 upgrade



  • antunantun United StatesPosts: 7 ✭✭✭

    I decided to give getting the phone repaired another go, and sent it back to ZTE a second time. The tech support was very apologetic, and said they'd take definitely care of it.

    I included a letter explaining the problem, logged-in with a dummy Google account, and left a GPS app installed on the home screen so the techs could see the issue themselves. I put my phone number on there so they could contact me if needed.

    When I received the phone it had A10 already installed, and I noticed that the IMEI numbers were different. Unfortunately the GPS issue is once again not fixed. Not sure if that means I got a new phone, or if somehow my old phone was re-flashed with new IMEI numbers. Either way, GPS is still unreliable. They didn't include any explanation of what was changed.

    I may have to go the A9 route. Really frustrating.

  • rkewlanirkewlani United StatesPosts: 14 ✭✭✭✭

    @antun Have tried all of the above THRICE and exactly the same process. The issue will persists. Even after umpteen assurances and commitment that they'll test it thoroughly before sending, I don't think anything of that sort happens at their facility.

    I've hereby concluded that there's no solution to this issue unfortunately for Axon 10 pro.

    Reflashing A9 is the only way.

  • ccraziccrazi United StatesPosts: 14 ✭✭✭✭

    @antun @rkewlani I haven't seen any GPS issue so far in past 1.5 months after re-flashing to A9. GPS locks in 2-3 sec even in the middle of the house. You need little courage and patience to follow that process 🙂 and don't worry if you think your phone is bricked. There are ways in that tool to recover it.

    You will only miss few features that are only available in A10, like I miss the fingerprint authentication in Google Pay. With A9 you have to enter phone PIN and there could be more missing feature depending on your app usage. Don't forget to backup your phone before flashing, as mentioned in that tool, so that if you don't like A9 you can revert your phone state back to A10 as it was before downgrading to A9 or accept all OTA updates to go back to A10.

    Once you flash your phone to A9, it takes some effort to disable installing automatic updates. Make sure to not accept or install any OTA otherwise you will again see old GPS issues.

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