How to open the GMail app?

MadhatterMadhatter United StatesPosts: 21 ✭✭✭

The only place that I can find the gmail app is in the settings list of apps. How do I move that link to the main home screen or open the app from something on the main home screen?

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  • DrakenFXDrakenFX Mobile United StatesPosts: 2,127 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    If you go to the Apps Drawer you should see "Gmail" app there,

    Then just Tap & Hold , dragged to the home screen.

  • MadhatterMadhatter United StatesPosts: 21 ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Thanks DrakenFX, but you are using the term Apps Drawer, something a newbe, like me, doesn't know about. I came up with the following:

    "You swipe up on the bottom of the home screen, find the Gmail icon, tap it, and you are looking at a search screen of the inbox. Touch the circle with the multi-colored spot in the lower right corner and you are in the compose screen."

    Admittedly, it does not put the gmail icon on the home screen, but if you remember the procedure you do not need the gmail icon on the home screen.

    The two phrases that get you to the gmail icon, come from the Blade 10 user guide (under Managing Widgets), which then says to hold it. If you do that. you are presented with a screen that gives you a choice of the compose screen, or the search screen of the gmail account. This is even better.

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