Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

kallinkelkallinkel United StatesPosts: 1

Hello. I recently purchased this device through Visible and am having issues with connecting multiple bluetooth devices, 4 different devices by which 1 of the 4 would connect without issue. Called ZTE support and they recommended a hard reset to factory settings then try again. I now am able to get 3 devices out of the 4 to connect. The device that won't connect is the Powerbeats Wireless earphones. It's doing the same as before, connecting, disconnecting, repeat, feel frustrated, restate both devices, issue continues then a message will pop up. "'Bluetooth' often exits due to an exception. It is suggested to uninstall it. Continue anyway?" and if I press ok it takes me the app info for Bluetooth with an option to "force stop" and the frustration starts all over again, disconnects, reconnects, repeat. HELP!


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