Caller ID broken

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My Axon 10 pro comes from US Newegg deal A2020U , Android 10, GEN_NA_A2020U_PROV2.07

I'm trying to use it in Germany and caller ID is not working. There is no phone number listed for incoming calls and history. Tried a data wipe reset no luck and 3rd party caller ID apps still list all incoming calls as no number. Works on other phones so it's not the carrier.

I see this is a common problem with other models and wondering how it's solved. Maybe rooting it to a euro build?


  • expatjexpatj GermanyPosts: 3 ✭✭

    Update. Caller ID is not broken it just does not work with my Carrier WinSim (o2), I plugged in an American Sim Card from ATT which uses Vodafone network here in Germany and Caller ID worked. ZTE Euro tech support doesnt care because its an American phone, American Tech Support doesnt care because its used outside America...

    O2 Band is LTE 3 (1800)

    Vodafone offers B7...

    What a nuisance and waste!

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    This is a risk any time you import a phone made for another region. Plenty of folks in the US import phones that aren't for sale in the US and then find features don't work, it doesn't have the needed LTE bands, etc. There's a reason that a phone is designed for and sold in a particular region.

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    Fixed : Turning off voice over LTE in settings fixed it. **Calls over Wifi works fine

    Must be a conflict there. Phone claims to have the bands that my carriers are using.

    The difference with the American Chip on roaming was that it was only using 2G Settings. Support definitely didn't care or have any information.

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