Axon 7 frustrating RMA experience

I started my RMA on 3/20/2020 and according to the latest email it should return 4/14/2020 and the only thing fixed was the charging port..

On the original phone call I asked for 3 specific things to be repaired - the charging port, replacing the battery, and the volume keys that I managed to bend after dropping the phone one too many times. Pack it, ship it, everything is looking good.

While the repair service was in possession of my phone I called a few times asking for status updates. I was told multiple times I would be called back and never got called back. When I emailed for an update I was told to call even though my email asked for an email response. I was told they were ready to take payment, but nobody could tell me what was wrong with the phone or what they planned on fixing (even though I already communicated that). No one could tell me how much the repair would cost until I agreed to pay. i'm happy to have my phone back soon but I'm wildly concerned that it will still be broken when I get it back.

Like this can't be real life, can it?

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