ask about the folders should i make them before start the edl mode for the phone zte axon 7 a2017 g

afefafef United StatesPosts: 10 ✭✭✭

HI everyone , i want to ask something before use edl mode to downgrad from oreo to naugat then unloack bootloader and upgrade to OREO B02,Then format and boot into B02 and then flash LOS 15 or LOS 16.

so My question about the requirements should i just download the edl tool and make just two folders : recovery folder which contain the twrp image and full folder which contain the two roms (naugat b 12 and oreo b02) to do all those steps to flash lineage os or should i make other than those two folders like boot folder , unloack folder , logs folder , efs folder ,modem folder , splash folder ;;so on !!!

please respond me

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