to when a new axon 5g similar in dimensions to the 7 mini?

I'm a fortunate holder of Axon 7 mini.

I'm in the necessity to purchase a new smartphone and I would like it of acceptable dimensions (under the 15cm) and with middle characteristics (5G, Amoled, 48mpx) but I don't see rumors in ZTE of a successor of the 7 mini.

Huawey has launched the P40 (6", 48mpx, 5G,14.8cm) that it has interesting characteristics, but the assistance of Google misses him, therefore app. fundamental as those banking; my hope, for the purchase of an inferior smartphone to 15cm, it is only now secret on the "imaginary" ZTE.

Is possible that ZTE has definitely abandoned the development of a "mini" of middle characteristics?

do you believe there is hopes for the brief period?

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