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So I have a ATT Axon M phone. Does that mean I am out of luck for getting Android updates? Is there a work around to get them and if so what release can we upgrade it? It sort of sucks that phone vendors don’t support updates to the phones they sell. At least the new Samsung’s commit to 3 years of updates now.

Thanks in advance, saw the new microsoft surface duo. Seems buyers have had to deal with some teething pains on this newly released phone though looks promising. I have not found much on my phone that takes advantage of using the second screen when an app is on the other screen. Google calendar does when in Month view so that is nice.


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    I feel your frustration but it is misdirected here. Unfortunately the Axon M was a "Carrier Only" device for ATT and never made unlocked. ATT with their contract with ZTE are the only ones who can and are allowed to update the Axon M in the USA as it was never sold as an unlocked device here. If it was sold as an unlocked device from the get go it would be a whole different story as ZTE would be on the hook for unlocked device updates but that is not the case with the Axon M. Hope this helps with your question.

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