Is there a way to add this feature ? or is it there and I dont know it?

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I have a ZTE axon 10 pro

I am very security conscious. I have never lost or misplaced my cell phone but there is that one time that it could happen, so I was wondering are these options somehow available?if so how to I enable them?

Once the phone is booted up and I get past the 4 digit passcode. From there anytime I reopen the phone am I using fingerprint to get into my phone. I would like to also add a 4 digit pin before you can get into the device. This way if my phone gets stolen/lost and someone somehow fakes my fingerprint they would STILL have to put in my 4 digit pin before you can get into the device. Can that be done??

Also, If someone managed to get into my phone and decides to uninstall apps, is there a way that EVERY TIME you want to uninstall an app, you need to enter a 4 digit pin before you can uninstall any app. Can this also be done?


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