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Yes I ordered a prime ZTE blade 10 from visible less than a year ago. I would say 10 months. All of a sudden my battery has been completely draining and my cords are toast. I have tried to buy a couple of new cords but they just don't seem to do the trick. One of them is ZTE brand. Even when I plug in the original cord I have to maneuver and push it up a little bit to get to charge. I have gone to my settings and set the screen time to 15 seconds and turn down my brightness down. I've completely set the phone aside and not touch it for as long as it takes to charge it. I never had to do that before. I have a feeling it's probably the charging port but I haven't done anything different and I don't beat the s*** out of my phone etc. Has anybody else had this problem? Kind of frustrating since it's less than a year old.

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