Axon 7 a2017u // "Sorry, you cant SD Card upgrade " msg

I have 2 of these cells. 1 is my backup in case I ever BRICK one. So, am using the backup mostly as a MP3 player, and dash cam. Well, it has got so it wants to reboot itself at times. Decided, I would just do a wipe and reinstall. But, thought, maybe I will try the OREO update. but, all I get is the above message. is installed on a clean (inly this on it) Micro SD card. I read in one of the PDF files that the file must be named, so, even tried that. same results. Isnt critical that I do this. But thought, I would try it just to see if I like it or not. Figured I could always wipe and go back to the original OS - - I think this is it? Or what is that one if isnt?

I still love this phone. I have learned how to replace the battery, MB, speaker, charging port.. I cant find many of the features this phone has that is on anything under $500. 5G isnt that important to me. The camera with OIS is fine for what I need. So, I hope to keep it for long time still..

Thanks for any thoughta and input you can give me. And if say to just stay with the original OS, hey, I am good with that too..


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    Cancel... I think I figured it out. Re-found the info on how to do this below further. Was gonna just delete the post, but havent seen how to...

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    No.. I didnt figure it out.. This is what I got....

    Supported API: 3

    -- Install /sdcard/ ...

    Finding update package...

    Opening update package...

    Verifying update package...

    E:failed to verify whole-file signature

    Update package verification took 471.5 s (result 1).

    E: Signature verification failed

    E: error: 21

    Installation aborted.

    .... so, at this time, I restarted and let it reinstall the original OS. so I can use the phone - wifi only thou, NO SIM. Unless I am working on my original phone, then I move the sim to this one.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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