Issue with Camera App

FYI: This is a Axon 10 Pro USA model 256GB Build GEN_NA_A2020U_PROVV2.09. I purchased the device back in August 2020 so it is still fairly new. There are no scratches or physical defects I can see on the camera.

About a week ago I was testing different camera modes and the last one I tried was the Wide Angle picture mode. When I did so the Camera App crashed and displayed the message...

"The background system is initializing the hardware device. Please wait"

So I gave it a few minutes but nothing ever came back up. I tried the Camera App a few more times but still no luck. In the past week I have tried...

Rebooting the phone (multiple times)

Wiping cache and data on the Camera App

Factory Reset

The screenshot I took is right after it finished the Factory Reset. I was hoping that would fix it but the issue is still there.

I would really appreciate any help.

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