Cannot activate Axon 10 pro on Cricket/AT&T

buhinbuhin United StatesPosts: 5 ✭✭✭

Recently I run an IMEI check for my Axon 10 Pro, Cricket and AT&T said that it is NOT compatible due to VoLTE. How come ? Axon 10 Pro is equipped with VoLTE. And I was using MVNO of AT&T until December 2020, and my phone is 100% compatible with AT&T VoLTE.

Can anyone from ZTE Corp push AT&T to put Axon 10 Pro on their approved list ? I know their approved list is growing bigger and bigger from time to time. The latest version is around 1 month ago.

In addition, Axon 10 Pro has all the LTE bands for Verizon. Since Verizon is dropping its CDMA, will Axon 10 Pro be approved to use on Verizon network ? Somebody told me that he put the Verizon MVNO SIM card in Axon 10 Pro and works with no problem at all, but officially, it is not approved for Verizon network.

Right now I am using Mint, MVNO of T-mobile. 100% compatible with both VoLTE and WiFi calling. But I may switch carrier later.

If there is anyone from ZTE Corp read this message, please push both AT&T and Verizon to approve Axon 10 Pro to use on their networks. I like this phone much and have no intension to switch phone in near future.

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