It's the 7th, and we have no info (in the US)

The 7th was our last "logical" guess at when we'd receive more information on the US release of this phone.

Unfortunately, with all the information leaking on the new Nexus phones, the Axon 7 is starting to seriously lose its appeal for me. If you compare timelines of prior Nexus iteration leaks versus releases, it's not out of the question that we see Nexus phones shipping sometime in late August or early September.

Since there has been zero information for the US release of the Axon 7, and since it'll probably take about a month for them to actually ship from the pre-order dates, the potential release dates of all of these devices might end up being quite close to each other.

As a Nexus die-hard that would have 100% purchased an Axon 7 if it were released a month ago, this is slightly upsetting, and honestly a massively missed opportunity for ZTE.


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