No Simultaneous Voice and Data with Verizon Straight Talk

Has anyone been able to achieve simultaneous voice and data using Verizon via Straight Talk?  I was using ATT via Straight Talk with no issues but decided to try Verizon.  I have voice and data using Verizon but can't text or use data while talking.

Read somewhere that LOS solves this for some people.


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    In order to use data and voice with Verizon you need VoLTE which Straight Talk doesn't support at this time. I attached the straight talk forum to this post as if there is any updates in future I imagine you would find it on there forum first (which I doubt unfortunately as they dont get access to Verizon's full LTE network)

    Straight Talk Wireless Forums • View topic - VOICE OVER LTE (VOLTE) ON VERIZON?

  • Thank you for the quick response musicdjm!  Yah, I was afraid of that.

    Being in Charlotte, all 4 providers work well in this area.  After having simultaneous voice and data with ATT, it's a step down using Verizon.  Looks like I will pop in another ATT sim...

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    Your very welcome Im happy to help

    ATT prepaid has some Awesome new plans, I was on cricket (which is owned and operate by ATT) but now you get more data with ATT prepaid and they dont throttle at all so I get like 20-28mbps download speeds now vs the 6-10 I was getting with Cricket. For $45 or $40 with autopay you get 6GB of data or if you want unlimited Cricket offered unlimited for $65 with auto pay

    Cricket increased there data again and right now you can get there unlimited plan for $60 a month or $55 with auto pay or for $50/$45 you get 8GB and $40/35 gets you 3GB

    P.s DONT get there ATT prepaid unlimited plan though it maxes speeds to 3mbps

  • Thanks for the great info!  I will be stopping by ATT this evening!

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    All GSM providers have by default the capability to provide simultaneous voice and data directly, even on 2G, 3G or 3.5G.

    At Verizon and Sprint, this is not possible directly. As musicdjm said, this is possible only if both the provider and the device have VoLTE capability.


    May I suggest to take a look at H2O Wireless? As Cricket, they are an AT&T MVNO, less expensive and with International calls included. If you're traveling international frequently, take a look to Ultra Mobile too - a T-mobile MVNO.

  • I ported over to AT&T last night ($45/40 - 6GB plan) and the data speed is significantly better - seems like a pretty good deal with autopay.

    Just for clarity, are you stating that AT&Ts unlimited plan maxes at 3mbps or is that Cricket's unlimited plan?

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    AT&Ts prepaid Unlimited plan, and the site says for anything they identify as video will be maxed at 1.5 which is just stupid why even offer unlimited lol

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