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I was just curious to see how many people would be interested to see ZTE add a resolution changer to the next update of the Axon 7 as it would also help improve battery life when someone is not using the full 1440p. I personally would love to have that option and think it's a great idea.


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    I would vote for it.

    I think it's a good idea.

    But I doubt it will happen. There seems to be more pressing issues that ZTE needs to address with their phones.

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    Settings > Display > Display Size

    Is this not the same thing?? Maybe not??

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    I do realize that, and I'm not sure how complicated it might be to implement this idea either. But if it's just a simple add-on, then we can always hope.

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    I believe that only changes the size of the icons and and text more so then the resolution.

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     wrote:Settings > Display > Display SizeIs this not the same thing?? Maybe not??

    Nope isn't , this is System Wide DPI change.

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     wrote:I do realize that, and I'm not sure how complicated it might be to implement this idea either. But if it's just a simple add-on, then we can always hope.

    In this case with the Axon 7, isn't that easy but not impossible....

    you can change the screen resolution from 1440p to 1080p using adb (NO ROOT REQUIRE) , but be aware you won't be able to use the captive keys (hardware keys).The fix for this is at kernel level so don't expect any fix for it anytime soon.

    P.S. will be awesome if ZTE brings Screen Resolution Changer as a feature in future updates , i'll be the first one changing from 1440p to 1080p for couple reasons and switch back to 1440p for either Daydream use or any 2k related content.


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    I really don't see what the hype's about with down-scaling to Full HD. It'll literally have no impact on battery life, and the performance improvements would be negligible.

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    Since I mostly watch and stream media on this device that is only 1080 p, I see no reason to keep it at 1440p. I did get the phone for daydream as well, but I have yet to actually buy the headset so for now, the high resolution has no real benefit. So I would rather have marginal battery saving then a phone with a resolution I can't utilise to it's fullest.

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    Thanks for the info! I'll be sure to at least give it a try! And I hope you do inform back if that ever happens.

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    not sure if this is daja vue or something but I can swear this exact same question was asked before ... and the same replies were given except for mine busyman said .. there would be such little battery change... You are falling for the misinformation out there.... or misinterpreting what you have heard. You may have heard people say  "They went with a 1080 display to save battery power" .... this is true .. it would save battery power it if was a 1080 screen ... but the Axon has a 1440 screen ... changing the resolution to 1080 would be displaying a 1080 image on a 1440p screen ... so .. the screen is still drawing the same power to light all the pixels. You arent saving anything ... unless you ripped out the original display and replaced the display with a 1080. The only power you would save is a very little GPU power because it would have to work just a little less hard to display a 1080 image instead of a 1440p one. .. and again as busyman said .. it would be negligible. 

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    I did fall for a bit of misinterpretation, so thanks for clearing that up! But none the less, since i use my phone for tasks that never really push past the 1080p resolution, including games, I feel like it would be a cool option to have. I realize that there are more important matters to be addressed, so I'm not saying this is a must by any means. Just that it would be nice to have. Kind of like it would be nice to have software keys

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    yeah ..I guess it would be good for gaming that isn't daydream ... that may save some battery because the processor would have to work less to render a 1080 game ... but displaying video .. that wouldn't save much ... and hehe I have software keys ... and don't use them I prefer the capacitive ones

    But of course ... to have on screen keys you need to do some modifications to the system and it should have been done by ZTE already ... people have been asking for the on screen keys for a long time and are being ignored. At least some devs arent ignoring the people...but you do have to root your phone ... so just contact ZTE and tell them you need your phones boot loader unlocked ... Oh wait, ... that's not available anymore like they said it would be .....

    ok now in a less sour note ... if you did decide to unlock the boot loader and root the phone .. freeza has a nice kernel that gives you on screen keys but you do have to take on the unlocking and rooting on your own .. there are some tutorials and files you need on XDA's forums

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    I do plan on rooting this phone, but probably not until it's warrantee is over and it stops getting updates to the OS. Mostly because this will be the first phone I try and root and if something were to go wrong and I brick it, well at least I would feel super bad   . I will be sure to check out freeza when the time comes for sure though. Thanks again!

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    no problem .. well .. by the time the warranty is over .. lets hope they have added the on screen keys by then ... and you wont need to do any modifications ... and I understand ... when I first rooted my old Samsung I was quite nervous too ... it can be a scary endeavor the first time ... but ... it wasn't as scary as i thought ... even soft bricked it a few times but was able to recover. It was actually easier to do the Axon ... I didn't run into any issues with it other than finding the right drivers and program to do the initial flash. I was nervous as the flash went through ... because lol I didn't want to have just thrown so much money away .... but everything went smoothly and now I can at least get the stock rom  a bit more the way i want .. even tho ZTE has still removed some features that I cant seem to add back in .. I have been able to find apps that can do it. 

    Oh .. and if you do it right ... you can get updates but ... you do have to play around a bit to get the updates.... I rooted on B15 but was able to update to B19. It is possible .. but again .. you have to spend a lot of time reading .. and I guess have to have a bit of knowledge of the process... and have the right places to turn to if you have issues ... XDA is good for that. 

    I respect your decision tho ... if you don't feel comfortable then I don't recommend trying it ... after 2 years when the warranty is out .. then have fun and if things go wrong .. you will probably be leaning towards a newer phone by that time anyway.

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