7.1.1 no carrier aggregation?

My area has band 4 and 12 carrier aggregation, and prior to this update, Settings/About/Status/Sim Status would switch between LTE and LTE_CA depending on where I was.  That's no longer the case and it only says LTE.


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    I'm not getting carrier aggregation either, and this should be a simple software fix. It was working before and was broken, but continues to work on LineageOS. Carrier aggregation is very important and must be fixed.

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    It's not broken as CA info is shown when we run field tests using Qualcomm network monitoring tool (QXDM), however, after 7.1.1 update, CA info still shows in QXDM, but it won't show on device which is the same on Pixel on 7.1.1.  We've ran several tests between our device and reference device, in this case which is Pixel.  Since we can't monitor Pixel's chip set data through QXDM (diag port required), we can only rely on whats shown on device and throughput while running speed tests.  

    Currently we're suspecting this is Google's issue but we are continue to run testing to confirm this.

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    I'm a wireless engineer and use QXDM extensively. Is there a means to enable the diag port on the Axon 7 without root? Or do I have to root and use the old 'setprop sys.usb.config diag,adb' trick? You can probably open the diag port on the Pixel using that trick -- had to do it to open the port on a Nexus 5x. If your interested in opening up the Pixel, let me know.

    Based on your comment, it seems that 0xB0C0 LTE RRC OTA Packet -- UL_DCCH / UECapabilityInformation is reporting all the CA band combinations supported by the Axon 7. Correct?

    I'm really interested in enabling the diag port on the Axon 7. Heck, I'll share my QCAT user scripts for log analysis as a "thank you".

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