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I have an unlocked Trek 2 HD (K88) and installed a T-Mobile data only sim.  I know the Trek has the necessary bands for T-Mobile but I am finding that the signal is bouncing between bands 2,4 and 12 which is causing delayed connections and disconnects. I am watching this via LTE Discovery.  Is there anything I can do to make this signal more stable on this tablet? Is it possible I got a bad tablet? Any help is appreciated.


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    hi, have you check to make sure your APN is set correctly?

    Trek 2 HD is an ATT branded tablet so its radio is probably tuned for ATT's network. So there is a chance that it may not able to run optimally with Tmo's network. Are you in an area where Tmobile has good lte coverage?

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    Thanks for your reply. Yeah, as I read your reply I thought that the Trek may be 'tuned' for AT&T, so I am going with that as an explanation. It's not that I don't get any signal, it just seems to be unstable when I am not sitting in front of a tower. I get great speed when I do have steady signal. Oh well, I tried. Now to see if I can find a reasonable data plan from AT&T. Thanks again...

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