Tilt sensor is off; some apps appear "slanted". Any way to calibrate?


So I just got Google's Daydream VR to go with my new Axon 7, and the image appears slanted down and to the right.  I've confirmed that it's a problem with the phone's sensors because when I go into "Toolkit" and "Plumb Line" on the Axon 7 the reading is slanted as well.  I've now spoken with 3 different ZTE customer service agents.  The first one told me to go on Google Play to try and find a recalibration app, but that he didn't know of any in particular.  The second person said "I have no idea what you're talking about, call back and get somebody else".  The third person said I should just exchange the phone.  A quick search of the internet shows I'm not the only person with this issue on an Axon 7.  Does anybody know how to recalibrate the tilt sensor?


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