Warp Elite bootloader

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This phone, and all the people carrying it need and deserve a bootloader unlock.  This phone is so locked down it should be carried by spies and heads of state.  Considering a bunch if your average loyal customers are actually carrying it, help us out with this boitloader


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    ​, I believe this is a boost mobile device.  If that is the case, it's up to Boost to tell ZTE to provide updates or unlocks.  It will do no good to tell this to ZTE, as it's not their decision.  Boost is who you need to be communicating with.  Thanks!

  • That will do no good to talk to boost can't get them to let u talk to there tecs only people trying to help u with phone problems with them looking at an book or something or they say send in for repair .it's not right it's ur phone and it is to open source so by law u need the info

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    That is not really the case ​ the phone isnt open source, parts of the code which Google helps build are open source, a majority of the code need to run the components are not open source. Being that this is a boost mobile phone and they dont have a single device available that has an unlocked bootloader its not likely to happen.

  • Boost has the bootloader locked . before the phone has a carrier to pick it

    up it is not bootlocked to bad that zte don't give a way to be able to

    flash stock room back to device again like u can with some others like lg

    and so forth this phone is good like the kg stylo 2 any ways if u own

    phone out right u should b able to get the bootloader u locked so can get

    all the crap off it like u can do with the PC's and other like Mac apple

    have a good day

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