I have owned my ZTE ZMAX PRO for just over a year now and it was purchased and networked under MetroPCS. For some reason, as of the last 5 or 6 months, my SMS stock text app on the phone initially would start sending multiple, I mean literally sometimes several dozen repeats of the one single SMS text that I sent from my device. However, I would have absolutely no clue on my end that this was going on, until my friends and contacts were getting very upset with me because they would receive a text that just said, "Hey, what are you upto this weekend"? about 25 times back to back to back over and over on their device. Just BEEP, BEEP-BEEP, BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, you get the point on their phone. On my end, it just send once, but always I noticed a pattern that when this would occur (which is almost always) the SMS text would take a rather noticeably long time to actually "SEND". It would just sit in the "Sending..." mode or several minutes, but I would check the info on the actual text, and it would say "Sent @ 12pm blah blah successfully" --always right when I pressed the send button, but it just said "Sending...." until 5 minutes or so, then it would give the "Sent with date and time stamp". I have called Metro so many times, and I have not received one bit of help from any of their technicians. I was advised that I should go into the APPS under settings and select the MESSAGING app, clear the cache and data, then force stop it, then take out the sim card, restart the phone, then put the sim card back in, restart the phone again, and this would work for about an hour, and then it was right back to the heinous multiple repeat sends. I have done so many factory resets on my device, and that always helps for about 3 days at the most. I have also tried almost every other SMS app from the Google Play Store known to man, and they all eventually do the same exact thing. Except for "Hangouts" for some reason, "Hangouts" would not do this, but unfortunately, as of this past week, I can no longer use "Hangouts" as my default SMS app because they stopped supporting it, so I was forced to use the stock app again. I have many friends that I referred to Metro for the ZTE ZMax Pro and none of them have had this problem. But I see in the forums online, I am FAR from alone here with this issue and no one has a real reasonable fix. It just seems to be hit and miss with which defective ZMAX Pro you end up with out of the whole lot. Please help. I am somewhat savy with computers, android, tech, in general. So what do you guys recommend?

Thank you so much in advance for your attention to my crisis of my cell # being the most blocked # in the world on other devices because no one can stand it anymore and they refuse to even communicate with me, unless we just speak on the phone, which is far from convenient in these fast busy times.


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    The stock messages app worked well for me except I would get multiple copies of texts sent from Apple phones.

    Two things solved the problem.  First, a clean factory reset.  During the reset you are asked to chose either restoring from a prior setup or a fresh setup.  A fresh setup is essential to clean out 100% of junk.

    Second, I installed the Google Messages app.  ZTE has selected Google Messages as the stock app for new phones in the future.  It is fast and reliable and handles photo attachments well.

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    I was having intermittent problems texting and changed some APN settings.

    Make a new one, all the same except: APN Type: change to


    To be clear the old one was :


    Hope that works. It did for me

  • I tried Freddie's solution and it worked for a little bit but my friend w/ an iPhone got 25 repeat  texts yesterday from me.   I have changed to the Android Messages app. 

    Textra should work as well.

    My issue with the repeat texts sent were always going to iPhones repeatedly. None of my Android owning friends had this issue.

    Also, the repeat texts sent by me were always from my office in our building which has NO WINDOWS.  Data is spotty.


  • OR not associate with people with iPhones 

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