Phone taking to long to charge. Why???

I bought my zte zmax pro phone 5 months ago through metro pcs and it went to charging in 45 minutes to now it takes 4 to 5 hours. Even with a fast charge brick. my phone says its fast charging but that's not just the issue. It doesn't charge after 84% I have tried multiple cables and still the same results. Has anybody have this issue as well and if so why???


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    Sorry to hear the problem you are experiencing. From my experience when the battery takes longer to charge could often mean bad cable, power adapter, connector or the battery itself. Since you have tried different cable and power adapter, now it leaves us to either the charging connector on the phone or the battery itself. From my previous experience, I have had a device with similar issue that I was able to get it charge to 100% when I let it completely drain and then plugged in the charger to fully charge it to 100%. This worked for awhile but eventually the problem came back. Since the issue most likely is due to the either the connector or the battery, it most likely means that you need to have your phone repaired  or serviced. So I would suggest you to contact the ZTE warranty department.

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    One more thing... if your plugged in to a power strip or an extension cord... try plugging your charger directly into a wall socket.

  • It might have a shortage I have been through one else where it tells me in

    the locker that I have to plug in original cord but I was currently using

    the right one and that was the problem so I went to buy a new one

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