Missing Nougat

I remember a couple of months ago looking for a replacement main line phone to the LG G Stylo that iI was using for the last year. After looking at several phones including BLU, LG and countless others, I decided on the ZTE Blade V8 Pro. I saw the design, build quality and features included, mainly the NFC feature near stock Android build. One of the hopefuls that I had with the phone is the possibility of an update to Android 7 as the highlight to this phone. To my dismay, I noticed that different phones, one after the other, keeps receiving the new firmware update from different manufacturers all the way up to this one! The Zmax Pro, the Axon 7 and the Mini was included. I don't know if I have the uncanny gift of picking phones that the manufacturer or that manufacturers just like giving the middle finger to various phones that obviously deserve the update, but I now have a reason to begin saving for a flagship phone that will undoubtedly be considered for firmware updates. The disappointing result is it may not be a ZTE flagship phone as I see the concern regarding this subject with not as much as a whisper of a positive response regarding this phone. For example: I called ZTE regarding a possible date if anything only to receive a paraphrased "I don't know" response. I mentioned the Zmax Pro with the Nougat update with a response about MetroPCS allowing their own version, disassociating ZTE outright. If ZTE doesn't want to update this phone, they should just say so. No need to lie to me. However, don't "bait and switch" disappoint me ZTE. That is a great way to loose customers who believe in and take a chance with your company. 


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    The other phones are more mature and further along in their development cycle.  The Blade V8 Pro is a newer device and they have done some bug fix updates.  You will get Nougat, but they prioritized their development to get the bug fixes out first, and introduce new features like Nougat later.  Saying just wait is hard, but it wouldn't be wise for them to do a OS upgrade when they are still working on bugs on the current OS version.

  • Although I've seen ZTE phones to be marketed alongside this phone with nougat already installed or have been installed later, I'll be waiting to see if your company will deliver during the second quarter. I can't take away from the build quality of the phone. However, many are wondering if this phone will receive Nougat at all. Sorry for the rant: I'm just concerned with this model as this is the best phone I've had since the birth of smartphones...

  • That's all well and good @westside80, but that's not entirely true. I OWN  a non flagship phone that received a major software upgrade without so much as a hint of if it should. Some phones that are considered well within parameters of an upgrade (similar to my phone). Maybe these companies need to rethink the "no update" strategy with some phones...

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