Bluetooth forgets devices

I have two issues with Bluetooth.

1) it will periodically forget a Bluetooth device. Meaning it no longer shows up as a device that I've used and have to repair. It may take a month or so but it does do it. This is quite annoying on the Microsoft Band as it treats it as a new phone and I have to factory reset that device to connect to a new phone. It's also happened to my car.

2) it will not keep a connection to my Microsoft Band 2. After about 12 to 18 hours it stops being connected and I have to reset the phone to get it to work. Resetting the Band does not help. Anyone have issues with other Bluetooth devices?


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    Please specify the phone model and firmware level.

  • My bad. Axon 7 A2117U B19

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    I have this phone, but I do not have a BT device with a permanent connection. I have never had a paired BT device disappear from my phone list, unless I deleted it.

    Did you try to do a reset network settings (BT, WiFi and the 3G/4G ) and try again pairing your devices?

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    ​ what do you mean by repair it and it takes a month or so? To clarify did you mean re-pair the connection and it takes a minute or so?

    I have the Galaxy Gear S3 frontier and I havnt lost a connection yet or lost the pairing with the phone either. Up until a month ago I was using the Gear S2 and Xiaomi MiBand 2 and neither of them had an issue either. My phone connects to my car radio as soon as I turn on the car and never has an issues connecting or anything.

    You can try resetting the network settings but you might have to try a FDR to see if its a random bug or a hardware issue

  • How does one reset Bluetooth? Also pairing my device again works until the phone eventually forgets it. Once paired again, connection will be lost after a few hours and I need to reset the phone

  • Two separate issues.

    1) The Bluetooth connection with the Band gets lost after 12 or so hours. Its as if I took the device out of range and it never came back in range. Only way I've found to solve it is to reset the phone.

    2) Things work like this fine for several weeks then suddenly the Band disappears from the phone's Bluetooth list. Trying to get the band to enter pairing mode will not let the devices recognize and I must factory reset the Band and set it up again. (this part is a Band quirk) But I wouldn't have to do this if the phone wouldn't forget the Band in the first place.

    So to recap: 1) phone/Band lose connection and only way for me to fix is to reset phone. 2) phone completely forgets the Band was ever paired to it so I have to wipe the band and start over as if it were a new phone.

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    What do you mean by reset the phone ? You have selected "reset to factory defaults" and you have re-installed your apps and settings ?

  • I mean turn off the phone and turn it back on. restart.

  • Thanks. I've seen many of these, two. Just wondering if its something with the phone as restarting the Band does nothing but restarting the phone fixes the communication issue.

    Also, my other issue is the Band simply disappearing from the phone's Bluetooth list would not be an issue with the Band itself.

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    Please use the word restart then, to avoid confusion.

    To try a Network settings reset, go to Settings->More->Network settings reset

    This will reset all network settings, Wi-Fi, Cellular data, Bluetooth

    You'll have to reconnect your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

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    I can understand the confusion, let me get into how bluetooth works a bit to explain just because the phone needs to re-pair doesnt make it the phone that is unpairing. When two bluetooth devices are turned on in range of each other they use a bluetooth stack called SDP to identify each other. What SDP does is its like the mac address for wifi it sends out a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier ) to the other device this is like there full name, the devices then save the UUID to a list of paired devices. The problem is both devices must have the LMP stack listing the other devices UUID in order for the devices to recognize that its a saved connection. If one device deletes the others UUID then that device wont allow the connection and then they will both need to be re-paired. There is other things that can cause the issue as well but its the most likely issue. But when I was reading through all those threads earlier I was noticing weather Iphone, windows or android they all had the same issues where it required them to reset the pairing or restart the phone and device thats why I think its a issue with the band.

  • "...restart he phone and device..." Isn't that word "and" very important? Restarting the Band doesn't help me at al. Only restarting the phone does. Restarting the band, putting it in and out of airplane mode, turning off and on Bluetooth on the phone, none of these fix the issue. Only restarting the phone. Nothing would change with the Band's UUID.

    By the way I'm trying to be really clear and specific. I know the Band has issues. The only reason I'm even bringing this up is I find it peculiar the only way I can get them to reconnect is restarting the phone. Even at that I wouldn't bother but the issue of my phone completely forgetting it ever was paired with it certainly cannot be an issue with the Band and is extremely annoying. And no one seems to have an answer for what is my primary question and no one else seems to have ever experienced it.

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    Bluetooth - not staying connected - the fix - Microsoft Community

    This person has the same issue as do MANY of the others in the Microsoft forum, feel free to keep researching the issue a simple Google search brings us tons of pages and sites talking it. Other than that the only other hope is that someone happens to have a Microsoft band and A7 and has some idea for a fix or workaround. I explained how bluetooth connection work but if you feel you need a better understand of it then it may help you to google it read about how bluetooth connections work and then what I said in my previous comment will make more sense to you.

  • I have this issue with my Axon 7 and Huawei Watch any time the 2 get out of range of one and another the pairing is lost. Phone is an A2017U running B19

  • Thank you. So do you have to manually pair them again?

  • The watch triggers the pairing automatically but yes I have to acknowledge a new pin code again on both devices

  • That's horribly inconvenient. But that gives me an idea. The Band will not automatically go into pair mode. Next time they are disconnected I'll force it into pairing and see if that works. Instead of restarting the phone.

    Glad I'm not the only one. Hopefully now there are two ZTE will notice this.

  • For the record, my phone completely forgot my band as a Bluetooth device again. Meaning it wasn't in Bluetooth settings as a device. I had to put the Band into pairing mode and the phone discovered it and I added it again. That absolutely cannot be an issue with the band.

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