Multitouch Repair

Has anyone sent in their Zmax Pro for repairs of the multi touch problem and had it successfully repaired? I don't want to spend money on this and then have the issue not fixed, as has happened with other manufacturers. I had sent another manufacturer a phone out for repairs and the issue was never repairs. It seems that with this model phone, there are no phones that have been 'healed' of this problem.


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    I have not read of any such repairs.  I've noticed that the names of specific games come up with this problem and if you Google the name of the game you see complaints from Samsung and LG owners.  Folks are quick to blame their phone but some apps and some games are buggy beyond belief.

    Which game are you having problems with?

  • No, the phone, whether it is when taking pictures, viewing pictures,

    zooming in, or testing with a testing app, or ANY app requiring multitouch

    always has the exact same problem. You can not use more than one finger to

    touch or it will mess up. As I have also tested, only when grounded does

    the multitouch work.

    Has anyone sent their phone in for this type of repair, with good results

    after receiving it?

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    I have not seen this problem.  The stock camera app works fine on my Pro.  Which apps have you seen the problem with?

    Why not contact ZTE directly and tell ZTE which apps are causing problems.  ZTE might be able to find the cause.

    If you send in your phone for service it will be essential to be extremely specific about how and when this problem occurs so that the tech can effectively test your phone before and after repair.

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