Axon 7 case comparison

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I know many of you go w/o a case - you're braver than I. For the rest of us we have to compare a relatively sparse collection of cases to find the right mix of style, grip and protection. I am rather particular about my case. I now have 4 cases for my A7 including the one that came in the box. I'm not sure I have "the" case but I figured I'd put some thoughts down so others have a guide as to whats out there.

Review Categories (Scores out of 5)

1) Handling - How is the grip on the sides? On the back? How easy is it to use the buttons and sensor.

2)  Style - How thin is it? Is the phone pocket-able? Can I carry it and not be embarrassed?

3) Protection (Counts Double)- Is the camera protected? Is the edge raised to protect the screen? How much shock absorption is there for the sides/back/corners?

Contender #1 - kwmobile Simply stylish TPU silicone case ($8.30 Amazon)


Comments: This is a TPU case - even though it looks like hard plastic in the picture. The TPU is a lot stiffer than the stock case.

Handling: **** - even though the back is smooth, this has the best grip thus far. The fit is pretty good and buttons push easily

Style: ***** - Slim and stylish. The rubber is tinted but transparant so the phone can be showed off. Easily the smallest of the cases

Protection ** - You get scratch protection for the back. I wouldn't want to drop the phone in this case (well I wouldn't want to ever, but especially not in this case.)

Average:  13/20 or 3.25 stars

Contender #2 - ZTE Axon 7 Co-Mold Protective Case(Black) (12.99 ZTE)


Comments: I had hoped that Co-Mold meant dual (hard/soft) protection. This case is more like a flexible plastic shell.

Handling: *** You can tell ZTE makes this case. It fits like a glove. Grib is iffy though, especially on the back.The back looks textured but is not

Style: ***** This is a pretty case - down to the foil accent on the back logo. Its not quite as thin as the TPU case above but not bad at all.

Protection ***1/2 - Impact protection is great. I feel like I could shoot the back of it with a BB Gun and not dent it. Not much of a screen lip and the rigid material will not absorb much shock at all.

Average: 15/20 or 3.75 stars

Contender #3 - CoverON [HexaGuard Series] Slim Hybrid Hard Case ($7.99 Amazon)


Comments: Who are the kidding about slim? It looks like this design is sold by numerous makers. I'm not sure if they are equally made though.

Handling: *** Side grip is slippery. Back grip (the honeycomb) is excellent. You have to be careful installing this case to make sure the buttons are in. But done right buttons are flawless. Fingerprint sensor is pretty recessed.

Style: ** Case is not slim. It comes in many colors from black, to grey, to hot pink.

Protection: ***** - This is where this one excels. A nice silcon inner shell protects all sides from shock and the outer shell stops impact. A tall lip protects the screen. This thing is a tank.

Average: 15 points or 3.75

As you can see - there is no winner. Between the ZTE Case and the Cover-on it is a trade off of slim vs sturdy. You might have different priorities. For now I plan to keep the Cover-on but I might switch. Thus far there is no Goldilocks case.

Feel free to reply with your own experience in these or other cases.


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    I was curious about that one. The carbon fiber is a gimmick, but if the tpu

    is thicker than the other one I looked its worth a try.

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    It is a good protection back and front as flash and camera, in my opinion still needs some grip, it looks and feels nice

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    The only problem with it is .. its just like the ZTE one offered. It is hard plastic .. well i think it TPU but its not very flexible so .. impact absorption is very small ..also being as "hard" as it is there is no "sticky" feel to it like the original so it's a bit slippery... I wish they made a case like the one that came supplied but with the "thickness" and screen lip of the Spigen

  • I have this one, paid $2.50 at AliExpress.

    Since my Axon7 is gray, it matches the color perfectly.

    Good protection, feels really solid, screen bumper in the front and also the little kickstand to consume media.


  • crcostelcrcostel ChicagoPosts: 65 ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks but that looks even boxier than the Cover-On.

    OTOH ZTE cut the price of their Folio case down to 9.99 so I'm going to give that a go. If I don't like it, It can go back to Amazon.

  • I love this spigen case.  It is the best case I have ever had for any phone.  It is thick enough to offer good protection and I've had drops onto concrete.  Buttons work fine and fingerprint is easy to use.  It is very grippy, so that it won't slide out of my shirt pocket if I bend over.   I'd have skipped the carbon fiber insert, which seem like a stupid gimmick, though they are subtle enough not to really matter.  I like this case so much that I bought a spigen case for my wife's iphone after she cracked her screen, but it wasn't nearly as good.

  • The poetic revolution case is as close to otterbox as possible for the A7.  I like a protective case.  Had a case like the coveron case on a phone years ago.  The rubber stretches out and fits poorly over time.  The TPU and the co-mold don't offer much drop protection.

  • It's way thinner than the Cover-On and you can see that by the camera space. It added a small bulk to the phone overall and gives it a modern look, I really like it.

    I tried the cover on and felt it was so huge! I prefere crystal thin cases myself, but this one is the perfect mid term to my tastes.

  • dnewman007dnewman007 United StatesPosts: 3,667 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I have the ZTE co-mold case and love it. I generally don't use a case. When I take the Harley out I slip the case on just in case.

  • kidnovakidnova Posts: 435 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    The ZTE case is not generic "hard plastic" which is brittle and not ideal for drop protection.  It is flexible, though not as much as some cheap TPU cases because it also includes a polycarbonate frame which provides some rigidity.  The bulk of the case is a softer thermoplastic polymer which provides shock absorption.  The one drawback I find is that the lip doesn't protrude far enough from the front edge to provide great protection from a flat drop on the front, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better case in regards to general drop protection.

  • crcostelcrcostel ChicagoPosts: 65 ✭✭✭✭

    That would be my feeling too - I wish the case had a bigger lip. The

    Coveron case's lip is a bit too big

  • johnorionjohnorion New YorkPosts: 1,109 ✭✭✭✭✭

    yeah sounds just like the Spigen ... just as I said .. its "hard" compared to normal TPU (like the original one given with the phone... that was normal TPU .. softer and flexible) .. the Spigen and the one by ZTE is much more "ridged" ..."hard" .. not like hard plastic ... but not like what you would think of when you think of TPU. Both would have very little shock absorption  compared to a normal TPU case. It may stop your phone from getting dented but would do very little from having the internal components taking most of the brunt of the shock of impact.

    The Spigen and ZTE case provide very little protection and there are much better cheaper cases that would provide much better drop protection. Not sure if I misread but the ZTE and Spigen have some of the worse general drop protection of all the cases out there lol. My CoverOn is way better than the Spigen for drop protection but I didn't like the additional width of the case so right now I'm settling with the Spigen and hope I never drop the phone since its only really scratch protection anyway. The spigen and probably the ZTE might help if you dropped the phone a foot off the ground ... but waist high ... your phone is toast with either of those cases if dropped on a hard surface.

  • johnorionjohnorion New YorkPosts: 1,109 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The Poetic case is the worse case mentioned in this thread. I made the mistake of buying one of them ... in less than a week I removed the included screen protector which was absolute junk ... then the more I looked at it .. the more I realized that if I wanted a case that was as thick as the Poetic I could just go back to the CoverOn which has some shock absorption .. the Poetic is almost all hard plastic and provides no shock absorption in the slightest. It has no sort of flex to absorb any impact at all. I really felt bad that I wasted my money on it because Poetic cases are supposed to be real good .. not the one for the ZTE tho .. if that is how all of them are made ... no idea how they got the reputation of having good cases because the Poetic for the ZTE is an absolutely horrible design

  • dnewman007dnewman007 United StatesPosts: 3,667 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I have to say the ZTE case has better protection than you think. I have dropped my A7 from waist and chest height and only got a scratch on the case. The phone bounced a couple times. I'm​ not saying it gives the best protection out there but for a minimalist case it does a good job.

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    The Spigen and ZTE case provide very little protection and there are much better cheaper cases that would provide much better drop protection.

    You keep saying this, but it is objectively not true.  The co-mold case provide excellent drop protection.  Your theory that it's not as soft as TPU so it doesn't protect as well is simply incorrect.  Soft TPU and silicone protect the phone by trying to absorb the impact at the point of impact, while a case like the co-mold does a little of that but also spreads the force of the impact across the entire surface of the case.  Either method can be effective, although the former really needs a very thick case to really do the job.  I would love it for someone to do a drop test video on the co-mold case, but I don't think the phone and case are popular enough for any reviewers to take the time and effort.

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    I also have the one shown above, but RED...  Key point, dont drop the phone thou...  Oh, i dont know how to post the pics here, unless they show up after I post. Axon 7 Case, ZTE Axon 7 Case, MicroP(TM) Dual Layer Armor Hard Slim Hybrid Kickstand Phone Cover Case for ZT…

    I also have this TURTLE BACK case that clips to by belt, that the phone is stored in.  NOT my pockets. This one is used for every day use. TurtleBack Vertical Ballistic Leather Holster Magnetic Flap Closure Pouch with Metal Belt Clip for Samsung G…


    I use this one too at times... Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport SM-G860 Z Premium XXL Large Horizontal Holster Pouch Rugged Nylon Velcro Flap Case w…

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    lol yeah I would love to see a drop test too because the hard ones wont last very long .. .. you drop your phone on a corner with either the spegin or the co-mold and your screen is done because it would basically be like dropping it with nothing because it is hard and doesn't absorb very little shock so that shock would transfer directly to the corner of the case and your screen would shatter.  You say it spreads it out through the whole case .. interesting ... not possible but interesting you think that it could magically do that The softer TPU ones would absorb that shock and have a much less chance of it transferring to the phone and causing the screen to pop.  I guess basically I just go by physics ... something with shock absorption would protect better than something without it .. if you wrapped yourself in solid harder material ... or a rubbery material .. the rubbery material will protect you and the hard material would basically make your guts take the impact and you would break.   But I guess its just my way of seeing things ... when you have something flexible it bounces .. if its solid it doesn't.  Wrap an egg in bubble wrap and wrap another in 50 layers of plastic wrap ... the plastic wrap would have a little flex .. like the co-mold .. but the egg would break from a very low drop ... the bubble wrapped one that has a lot of give and can absorb the fall would most likely survive much longer and much higher drops. Again .. I'm just going by physics .. there isn't enough surface like you are talking about to "spread" an impact over the entire case ... its solid .. it has very little give ... very little flex ... an impact on an edge will be transferred directly to the phone. Now if the co-mold fit loosely on the phone ... maybe the "air gap" would absorb some of the impact before the phone hit the edge of the case and was "stopped" but .. i guess i you believe that magically the solid case can actually flex and absorb more than a flexible "rubberyish" case could ... I guess all you have to do is believe in the magic ..and be disappointed when the magic is proven to be a trick.

    Like you said... I guess  someone with some major cash needs to do a drop test on them so you will see that the hard cases give you nothing more than scratch protection and maybe a very slight amount of impact but not nearly enough to actually protect the phone from any actual drop. I feel the phone would be toast with either the co-mold or spigen case if it was dropped any higher than a foot off the ground (which the phone could probably take on its own anyway) but most drops are at least waist high so around 3 feet.

    Here is a little test you can do on your own ... take you phone and hit the corner of it on the palm of your hand in the co-mold case .. then do it again without the case .. do you feel a difference on the impact of your hand ..... NO ... try it with a tpu flexible case ... it wont hurt your palm as much because the flexible is taking some of the impact where the solid one isn't.

    But I have explained common physics enough here... even a 5 year old know that jumping onto a couch cushion is "softer" than jumping onto concrete.

    I own the CoverOn with the flexible TPU and the Spigen with the "solid" tpu ... and I would feel safer with the CoverOn by far .. too bad the size of it is more than I like (though in the summer months I may switch to it so I actually have some protection while biking). I wish they made a flexible TPU one with the thickness of the Spigen ... I love the one that came with the phone but its too thin and the lip around the screen is too thin to protect the screen from "frontal drops"  .. if the lip around the screen was bigger ... it would protect better than the Spigen and co-mold even with as thin as it is its better than the mentioned ones for impact resistance.

    Don't bother replying to this .. again .. I understand that flexible is better than solid and there isn't going to be anything that you will be able to say that will change the laws of physics or my mind.

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    Contender #4 - ZTE Folio Case ($9.99 Amazon)


    Handling: ***- Back texture is nice and phone fits well. Its annoying that if you flip the cover behind, you can't access the finger print scanner. The front window forces a miniwallpaper on the phone some how.

    Style: ***** - Slim and stylish. The color obviously matches  .

    Protection ** - The case doesn't even extend around the border of the phone. Having a cover is nice but the cover flaps open too easily and is thin. OTOH the back of the case provides more camera protection than the co-mold but isn't as thick as the coverall.

    Average:  12/20 or 3 stars Good idea, poorly executed.

  • What kind of dorky loser wears his phone in a holster on his belt?

  • This guy---->  cornichon.  I just ordered the horizontal case.  Thanks testrat.

  • LOL.  Maybe the poetic was not for you.  Dropped phone many times from various heights.  It still looks new when I take it out of the case to clean out the dust. Choices are a good thing.  Enjoy your case and I will enjoy mine.

  • I need a case before I drop my new phone and break it. Which case do you recommend that comes with a screen protector as well?

  • I am using spigen case for axon 7 zte, so far great

  • acatrusacatrus Posts: 352 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Just received the Spigen rugged case. It's very good. The phone is well protected, fit the hand perfectly. Rugged enough it's not slippy

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    edited July 15, 2018 6:05PM

    It's 2018 and I'm still buying cases for my Axon 7 :D

    I got this one on Amazon

    What appealed to me was how the colorway matched my phone's color and that the texture is similar to the Oneplus 1 (where it feels gritty). My eyes are open to the drawbacks that this case offers virtually no protection and it may not stand the test of time but hey its less than $5.

    Anyone made any case changes to their phones?

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