When will You make a smartwatch for Mothers???

Bruceyland: When Will Smartwatch Makers Cater to Mothers???? I am really excited about your new smartwatch, but I'm worried it will be too bulky for me. This article is just something to think about... Any women out there agree?


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    I'm not a woman but after reading that article I feel like that's why the LG Watch Style was created. It doesn't check all those boxes but it checks most of them, and I think that's why LG created that particular watch. This is just ZTE's first try at a watch in the US, while LG has made several already. Hopefully this one is successful enough and next time they will be able to release two versions like LG to try to please more customers

  • That is a good point about LG, and I think they are very close. At least

    asthletically I'm drawn to the W270. I guess I'm excited that ZTE is back

    in the game, and I'm hoping that maybe they will consider us women as a

    group to focus on (in the future) and not do what the other companies are

    doing-- just producing a slightly smaller version (which is better than

    nothing!) And doing it 3 versions later. Kids are a strong market too-- to

    get brand loyalty. Tons of kids have their little watch phones to call Mom,

    but they are all off brand little companies. They would probably try

    something better if the big players moved that way. It's exciting to hear

    about all new releases!

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    I agree it's taken too long for manufacturers to cater to the women's market with smartwatches. I think LG right now has done the best job at it. Hopefully in the future we'll see more and thanks for the feedback. ZTE is always listening and it'll be exciting to see how their product evolves in future versions.

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    It's a tradeoff I think.  You can only shrink the device so much and still keep it a) functional, and b) affordable.  Shrink the face too small and it eventually just becomes a fitbit.

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    There are some smartwatches out the that cater to women.Some of them more fancy than others.
    A very specific model was Huawei's first watch and it came with a ring of encrusted jewels around the face of the watch.

    As far as size is concerned, in decades past you will find that women's watches are smaller than men's watches because the theory
    was that women have smaller wrists and a smaller watch was more feminine.
    However it is very difficult to make a full featured smartwatch that is smaller than the average size they already are,
    because the mechanisms inside need to be able to fit inside the watch, and are not gear driven like mechanical watches.
    So making them smaller isn't a realistic scenario at this point in the market.

    ZTE's own new Quartz smartwatch through T-Mobile is a bit on the larger side, but I have also seen many women purposely wear
    oversized watches and I think it's kind of a cool look and statement piece as well.

    Seriously though, you really can take just about any smartwatch and make it more feminine by changing the band and
    putting any face on it you can think of to customize it how you like. Different faces and bands can dramatically change how
    the watch looks, and are some of my favorite features I like. You can change it to match any outfit or occasion.

  • Your question seems to be somewhat unfair.  ZTE makes a smart watch.  They don't state that it is a male or female watch.  I read an article where someone listed the "best" watches for X.  The categories included running,  hiking, women...  The comment section was filled with attacks on the writer. It was filled with allegations of sexism.  The writer was asked if they believed that "women only cared about the look of a watch and not about the specs". "Women can wear any watch that they want.  They don't need a pink hunk of metal to make it appeal to them"  (from the comment section)  We live in a world where it would not be a smart business decision for ZTE to assign a sex to its watch.  If they make a decidedly female watch, they get complaints sexism.  If you don't... well your comment.  They can't win.

    Are moms wrists different from women that have no children?  Its a computer on your wrist.  The software makes the difference.  I may have missed it but has anyone seen a desktop specifically designed for a "moms" needs?  It stands to reason that people without kids would have more disposable income.  Why would you alienate women that don't have children?

    There are watches that are targeted toward women.   (not just mothers)  Many manufacturers offer 2 face sizes and the thickness is due to the battery.  Change the band if its not girly enough for you.


  • Not really sure why a woman needs a "smart watch", most modern ovens have a clock on them.

  • Hey-- I'm not attacking ZTE. Nor am I going to attempt to justify my

    "Un-feminist" position. My only reason for posting is that there is a huge

    segment of the population which is not targeted in design or in marketing.

    Ironically, this segment also happens to do most of the purchasing for

    households in America. I feel safe in venturing the opinion that most

    marketing is not even geared toward women at all. I can agree that I don't

    want it "pink" but I want it to fit. Currently I cannot physically wear

    most of the offerings. They are ergonomically unsuitable. I also understand

    that technology is evolving and what is possible now wasn't a dream 20

    years ago. I guess I brought this up here hoping that the discussion could

    begin-- so that as development happens that our needs might be met. I also

    agree with some of those comments that insisted women are interested in

    specs. Of course we are! We don't want dumbed down versions. I entered my

    question not as an accusation but with hope for the future.

    I do feel like you are looking to be insulted-- or want to talk about

    people who are. I'm not sure what you want me to say further about this.

    What kind of watch would your mother like to wear?

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  • HaHA!

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  • No safe space needed here. It should be difficult for a stranger on the internet to hurt your feelings.  No one should hold the opinions of internet strangers in high regard.  We choose to or not to be offended in life.  (sensitive snowflakes are funny)

    What specific technological advances are needed to meet the needs of a mom?  What smart watch user would not love to have a thinner higher capacity battery?  As Kidnova stated above,  "You can only shrink the device so much and still keep it a) functional, and b) affordable."  What physical requirements are needed to satisfy a mom looking to buy a smart watch?  You say that they don't target moms but you don't list the things that you would like to see in a watch.  What do you "hope for the future?"  Most of the things on the list in your link are available today.https://www.wareable.com/smartwatches/best-smartwatches-for-women

    "What kind of watch would your mother like to wear?"

    My mom is old and not tech savvy in any way.  She is an iphone user.  Most iphoners need it simple.  If she wanted a watch, I would tell to get an apple watch.

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