Widgets on the lock screen?

I see from searching it is not possible to turn off the lock screen, but the lock screen isn't useful.

Is there a way I can add widgets? My old lock screen from the Play Store let me add a weather and music player widget.

I would keep using it, but redundant lock screens are a waste of time. If I already have to unlock the factory one just to get to the other one,

I might as well just put the widgets on my home screen.

I looked for tips/tricks but couldn't find anything. It's pretty presumptuous and short sighted not to let us turn it off, but I can't believe they also won't let us make it useful.

I think there must be something I missed. Can anyone tell me how to access that?


  • That's a nice one!

    Problem is, it's redundant. I still have to get past the factory lock screen to get to that one.

    In that case, I'll just put the widgets on my home screen.

  • mastewmanmastewman Posts: 17 ✭✭✭

    No, you shouldn't, C Locker will overlay and replace the default lock screen... As long as the C Locker is actively running and you have given the proper permissions.

  • That was just redundant. Same as Go Locker.

  • dr.mdr.m AustinPosts: 160 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Widgets on the lock screen went out since Android 5 Lollipop, because they can compromise security.  While the lock screen may not be important to you personally, it is important to the industry and to most users to reduce or eliminate smart phone theft.  Some phone makers, like Samsung, have restored some limited widget functionality to the lock screen in the form of persistent notifications. 

    Some of my phones don't even have a separate lock screen theme -- whatever you use as wallpaper is also what's on the lock screen, never mind widgets. 

    My experience with add-on lock screens is that they are either redundant, or they disable they fingerprint sensor.   Have not found a suitable add-on solution.

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