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So my dual front firing speakers speakers on my axon 7 suddenly stopped working... I have no idea what to do, I've tried talking to customer support but they had no answers other than to call for a repair... The first time that I called was about 2 months ago and I've been calling weekly since then and they still haven't sent me anything for me to send my phone in for repairs​. What should I do?


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    Would you be willing to do a factory reset in order to rule out any potential software issues? This process is useful especially if an issue such as some corrupt data on the data partition, preventing some features from working properly. A factory reset effectively formats the data and cache partition. After a factory reset,it may ask you to sign into the same google account that is currently being used on the device.

    If the issue still remains, there should not be much trouble in getting the device replaced, especially if you make it clear to them that you have taken a number of troubleshooting steps, and all were unsuccessful.


  • I'd be more direct with customer support and get your phone replaced.  There's no reason to stress yourself.

    I've had my phone stop booting, and I received a replacement within a week.  Granted, the replacement was bad so I had to return it only to receive a 2nd replacement which was also defective.  The 3rd replacement has been good.

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