Azon 7 (mini) Order/Anything i should know?

I don't think this is really a support question.
I ordered an Axon 7 Mini during the promotional sale, and at the transaction screen, told me it would be delivered this Wednesday via 2-day shipping (ordered last Friday). When/where can i track my order? On the order page all it says is processing. Some greater insight would be helpful.
As a side note what should i know as this is the first time i will be using Android in years. I have heard on Android 7.0, does the mini support this in a "safe" way? And is there anything else i should know about app support, etc. My last phone camera was 2mp, and i have heard unfavorable reviews of this devices camera at night, but is it really that bad?


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    The mini is a great device.  Bought one for a family member.  Its a sweet little device packed with some great features.  If the size of your device is a major consideration, the mini is great.  If you are more of a power user, or someone who spends more time using their device for purposes other than just making/receiving calls, texts and light email..  I would recommend the full size A7.  Its is a jump not only in performance, but its also currently running Nougat.  The Mini is still running Marshmallow. Nougat is coming though...

    The sound on the Mini is excellent.  Screen too... ZTE packs a greater number of PPI in comparison to other phone manufacturers at this price point.  Camera is good daytime, average in low light.

  • Does it run apps well? Not games as much as things like Snapchat, etc.

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    For most day to day use (Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, etc) I've had no trouble or lag since I got my Mini in November. You can get 7.1.1 Nougat but that's only if you signed up for the beta. Camera is good in daylight but in the night it's pretty easy to end up with blurry photos if you don't hold your phone still for long enough.

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