Playlists deleted using Google Play Music.


This appears to be a Google issue, but I'll ask here before creating a Google bug report.

I have a ZTE Zmax phone.

I have 2 MP players (1) ZTE Music & (2) Google Play Music.

Created 9 playlists having (.M3U) extension.

Move MP3 /.M3U folders to music folder on SD card.

After (X) no-of-days of rebooting, the playlists and all songs on Google Play Music disappears.

However, the ZTE 's Music MP player remains intact will all 9 playlist.

To retrieve the missing playlists, I go to setting+apps+Google Play Music and clear Cache & Data.

Return to Google Play Music icon, select playlist and all my 9 playlist + songs returns.

When I turn off phone, then back on or reboot, the Playlist disappears again. Need to do same steps above to retrieve playlists + songs.


Why is this happening?

Is there a permanent solution to keep my playlists in Google Play Music when I boot ZTE phone?

Tried moving music/M3U playlist to Media folder on SD still same issue.

Some Notes:

My Google Playlist settings has my Gmail account assigned.

In Google settings, I have sync turned off .

This problem happens regardless if internet is set on/off.

Battery never goes below 50% before I recharge.

I am not signed into Google Chrome on my laptop & phone. Did sign-in same issue.

I did rip the MP3 songs from Youtube. Will GPM reject any MP3 not from it's library subscription?




  • coldheat06coldheat06 United StatesPosts: 1,795 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi ​ Let me see if I can duplicate the issue.

  • @coldheat06.

    Thanks.  Just a reminder, this didn't  happen to me on day1. The phone is fairly new.

    I may play music using GPM app on day3 and the playlists are there. But at some point (can't remember  ), I went to play music and the playlist disappeared. Did not un-mount the SD at any time.

    Also when adding new MP3 tracks, I delete/replace the music & M3U folder in the SD music folder.

    Now it just deletes all songs when I logoff / boot.

    Anyways will await your test results.


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