Does this device have a camera?

I don't think the device has camera.  However you have the option to buy USB camera to connect to Spro2.  It is great for video chat and conference.


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    It definitely does not have a camera. Like you stated a usb cam will work, and is very easy to set up.

  • As a new Spro 2 owner, I'd be very interested to know what webcams would work with this device. So awesome that I plugged in my Lenovo Keyboard/Trackpad combo and it works like a charm for apps for VNC/remote desktop and Office.

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    ​ Hello and Welcome to Z-Community! I have connected my Samsung wb2200f to the Spro2 but not as a cam.  I used it to view my photos, and it was awesome as a slideshow. I do have a couple older usb cams, and a few point and shoots here, so I will go ahead tomorrow (it is 2am here, and I am up at 5) and see if I can get an idea of what is going to work for you. I can't make any promise other then I will try

  • Rummaging through my old tech, I found an old Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD USB webcam, plugged it in, and it works beautifully with the Open Camera app, Skype, and Google Duo, and even the fun 'booth' apps. No configuration, no drivers.  Just plug and go.  This device gets more awesome at every use!

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    ​ That is great news! I got home a little later than I had expected, and have only had a chance to try my samsung, which oddly will not connect as a cam, just allows me to cast from. I guess it is irrelevant now I am glad to see you are happy with the Spro2, I love mine. If you haven't already, check out screens on amazon. They had 100" starting around $50. Definitely worth picking one up if you have room. Also if you are interest, search for spro2 here on the site, and you will find quite a few threads, discussing it, a few with pics. Should you have other questions, please feel free to ask

  • I connected my old logitech quickcam pro 9000, it worked  with Hangout, though the echo was annoying.

    However, when I open skype, the sound is crisp clear, but there's no video at all.

    Anyone had similar issue and manageed to solve it?

    By the way, I use a power bank which can output 12V power, so that my spro2 can always project 200 lumen, and for a long time!


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    I dont have this camera to test it out for you, my guess is the apps handle the drivers differently. I can't watch a movie unless the it is projecting on 200 lumen. I'm usually near an outlet though, so this hasn't been an issue yet.

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