Axon 7 Mini reboot issues

Hi Guys,

Had my phone now for a few months and I have been having some issues with the device spontaneously rebooting from time to time. It won't happen for a while (which makes me think the problem has dissapeared) and then all of a sudden will decide to reboot itself again all by itself. I thought at first I may have some setting in place to auto-reboot with an update or whatever but this doesn't seem to be the case.

Please can you give me some help/advice in order to try and fix this issue.



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    Hello ​, does it seem to always happen in the same place, such as in your pocket?  Does it happen while you are using the device, or maybe when the same app is open every time? Also, what Build of software are you currently running?  Thanks!

  • Hi there, it was initially happening whilst in my pocket but I did notice it today sitting on my desk reboot! I'm not sure about it being a particular app, I guess it is possible as I do tend to have several apps open in the background sometimes but I have no clue which one could be having an impact? I'm pretty sure its running on android marshmallow at the moment.


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    ​, if you could, go settings->about phone and see if you can get the actual Build Number from there.  Thanks!

  • Sorry the build number is ZTE B2017GUKV1.0.0B01_MR

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    ​, not sure what that build is? But it's an MR so that can't be good? GUK mean Germany/UK?

  • What do mean by that? It is UK

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    ​, The UK version of this device has different software than the US version, so there are limited things we can do to help. What surprises me is the MR after your software, which means Maintenance Release. That's why I asked ​ to assist if he can. One thing you can try is to clear the cache partition, or factory reset.  Otherwise backing one app out at a time to see if it's an app can also be something to try. The software build on your unit doesn't seem right though.

    You can also try getting a hold of support for the UK:

    Email: [email protected]

    Telephone: 0203 450 8722

  • Ok ​ I will try out your suggestions and see what happens and contact the UK support if I get no further luck.

    Thanks for all your help!

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