ZTE Trek 2 Just bought one

My Asus Memopad 8 died so I was looking for a cheap but decent tablet.

Came across the ZTE Trek 2 HD for $59.99 on Ebay.

Reviews seem to be pretty good so I pulled the plug. 

Going to try a Freedompop sim in it since it is LTE enabled


  • I can't believe how good this tablet is for $59.99

    Also, the Freedompop sim works so I have an 8 inch backup phone LOL

    I'm impressed so far.  My tablets usually last a while so this one is a keeper

  • intrexgrpintrexgrp Ontario & OhioPosts: 3

    I have 2 trek 2's and h20 sim card and it says  i am connected to H20 network 4g etc. but have no idea how to set up phone & data etc. can you help?

  • With Freedompop, they have their own dialer and messaging app so I have to use that.   I could not set it up in the stock dialer of the Trek 2.  It would not accept it.

    I am guessing because I don't know but I think only the AT&T sim is the only one that can be used w/the stock dialer. They have it integrated in the set up process.

    You can try what Jimlloyd suggested but I was unsuccessful

  • intrexgrpintrexgrp Ontario & OhioPosts: 3

    yes I have had zero success with the H20 sim card. just ordered a freedom pop see how that works. other than that very impressed with the Trek2 so much so I just ordered one for my wife as well.

    Thanks for your input.


  • The stock dialer is supposed to use AT&T's Number Sync App on this tablet.  I knew nothing about it.

    NumberSync Wireless Phone Feature – AT&T

    So, it's not a true "phone" per se but an app that allows you to make calls with the same phone number as your AT&T account.

    Well, I don't have an AT&T account and don't plan  on gettting one. So for fun, I just ordered a freedompop sim to check it out and figured out to use the FP app/dialer/text messaging all in one app

    Related note: The only things "bad" about this tablet are the screen resolution and the weight (little heavy than other tablets I've had).  But, for me, these are minor issues.  I won't complain over a $60 tablet that is snappy fast and useful.

  • ironbaybeedollironbaybeedoll United StatesPosts: 4,630 mod

    I haven't seen this tablet, but have heard good things. For the price it would make an awesome reader!

  • The price on Ebay actually went up $20. 

    People are snatching this tablet up left and right.

    I'm using mine more and my Zmax Pro is getting lonely lol

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