Launcher 3 has stopped working Grand Max 2

I bought a ZTE Grand Max 2 a month ago and I LOVE it. However, a few hours ago my apps would randomly close then my phone kept rebooting. Now when I reboot my phone and unlock the screen the message, "Launcher 3 has stopped working". I googled how to fix it and it simply says to clear cache and data. I get as far as the options to clear the cache and data but when I go to click on them nothing happens. Then I get another error message. Please help!!! I need my phone. I can't do anything. NONE of my apps will open or run. This is the first issue I've had with this phone.


  • ironbaybeedollironbaybeedoll United StatesPosts: 4,630 mod

    ​ Hello, and Welcome to Z-Community. I don't have this specific device, however most Android phones you can clear the system cache by pressing the power button and volume up or down (depending on phone). This will bring up recovery menu options.You will want to be choose clear system cache, and confirm, then reboot. Hopefully this solves your issue. If you still nee further help, please let me know

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