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Hi I have a couple of ?? I bought my phone cheap and at the time it didnt have a sim card in it. Well it had the unlock device app on it. When I pushed it it kept telling me device wasnt couldnt unlock. Its through Metro PCS. But today I pressed it and it finally it said device permanatly unlocked. My question is does this mean that it t unlocked for me to purchase a sim card for any carrier? I ran the IMEI number through the blacklist and it isnt on there. I called Metro PCS and she told me yes It meant i could use any carrier. Can you please tell me if and what kind of carrier that is compaitable? Thanks.


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    Any GSM carrier(T-Mobile/AT&T) including their MVNO (Simple Mobile/Cricket) will work with the device once unlocked.

    If you are looking to continue using a feature like WiFi calling, you will want to stick to T-Mobile/Metro PCS or one of the other T-Mobile MVNOs.

    Always look into which GSM carrier does best in your area and where you'll be most often.

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    As a GSM phone, it runs on any part of the AT&T family, including the terrific $25 per month GoPhone plan.  And it runs on the T-Mobile network, including the great $30 plan from MetroPcs.

    As mentioned, it is important to talk to friends about phone service in your town.  T-Mobile is great in big cities but weak in many small towns and rural areas.  At&t is strong in many areas where T-Mobile is weak.

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    If you check on available networks it will tell you. Mine also includes Verizon. Eventhough no chance I will ever use them. They're expensive. Eh.

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