ZTE Zmax Pro (Metro) hotfix?

Ever since before the B14 Update my pro was working fine. Minus the Screen Glitchs known when playing games where the static rainbow lines would show up. AFTER the B14 Update this went away. but was shortly replaced by the fact that the multitouch is all jacked up now. and I feel like the two are related aka one fix caused another problem. and I'm sure the Devs have noticed, but my question is when would the next hotfix be for it? the phone would be great if they could get the touch screen problems in check. also does anyone else notice that the signal is really bad as well? and it's not the Apn settings? the 4G LTE has trash connection since the update, and I feel like they should push out a tower connection​update or whatever. alongside that if you turn airplane mode on, than off. sometimes it turns Bluetooth or wifi on as well. B14 Update is good, but when will the next one be for Metropcs not even looking for when 7.0 will come out but a hotfix for these things.


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    They actually are doing beta test for B20. News to me since I read they were supposed to release B15 that never came. Then a B20 beta tester got kicked out of the process due to NDA violation leaving him with broken phone. So they're working on it. The question is if they are gonna release it.

  • Going from 14 to 20 is a large jump. and I feel like they should do small hotfixs leading up to 20. rather than doing a large buggy jump that they think is good but actually causes more problems

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    They hasn't been any word that i have seen about beta sign ups for the Max Pro.  I did a hard reset when i had these issues in B14 and it fixed my screen issue.  Now i try to do a quick reset every 2 or 3 days like you would a PC just to clear cache and stuff.  As for a b20 update not sure where ​ is getting his info from, now announcement from ZTE or any offers that went out for Zmax Pro beta testers.

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    It's coz they deleted the thread of the B20 tester. You missed it. It's a good thing I was not able to sleep coz I made myself all those coffee mixes on my new ninja coffee bar I bought for a steal!! Yeah off topic but ...

    I actually did not know they were doing it too. I read somewhere there was gonna be a B15 release, that did not happen, then this B20 beta test that came from nowhere. Then immediately deleted. LOL.

    Made me active in here again though, for sure.

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    Thank you

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