can't clear voicemail notification?

I know voicemail notifications can't be swiped away even in stock Android (it's my phone, why can't I?) but the stock Android workaround is to force kill the Phone app. It restarts and the notification is cleared. But the kill button on the process in the Axon 7 settings is disabled. ZTE, please enable us to remove voicemail notifications, at least via killing the Phone/Phone Services app. Listening to the voicemail doesn't always clear the notification. Of course the notification should just be swipable. My voicemails aren't that important.


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    Have same problem-I can't even retrieve my voicemail.  The SIM card works fine on a Nexus 5X.  Any insights?

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    ​ and ​ Hello, and Welcome to Z-Community. I don't use voice mail, but am going to activate it, and see if I have this issue. I would also like to see if perhaps one of our CPAs ​ are able to help you troubleshoot this further. Should you need anything else please let me know

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    Hi @dave512 welcome to the ZTE Forum.

    Can I ask who your carrier is?   I  have AT&T and use there app for Voicemail..... It works really good.

    AT&T Visual Voicemail - Android Apps on Google Play

    Verizon also has an app that will work

    Free Visual Voicemail - Android Apps on Google Play

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    Although not ideal but If you call the voicemail number wait for the voicemail system to pick up and then immediately restart the phone, this use to happen to the Axon pro all the time, let me know if it clears it for you ..

    ​ I would check out the suggestions above ^^^^^^^^

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    I just posted a detailed description of where the problem resides for me.

  • Hi, I've got the same notification but no voicemail service, hence no voicemail number to call! This is annoying. Carrier is


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    ​  Hi, check out the following Public Mobile  site, it looks like all you have to do is to dial your own #

    voice mail - Community

  • This is my second sim - cheap provider and truly no voicemail. But it's missing the point, I don't care about the availability of such service. I complain that I get "voicemail" notifications even without voicemail!

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