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Is anyone else having issues with the headphone jack - specifically - when I plug in my headphones, no sound comes out of the headphones.  If I wiggle the jack, sometimes I get a connection but then it cuts out again.  I tried different headphones and the results are the same.  The headphones work, as I tried them on other devices.

Edit - Just spoke with customer support - it takes 10-14 days for them to asses what is wrong with the device.  This is 2017, they should send a dummy phone so that we are not without a device.  It doesn't have to be a smartphone just a device that works with the carrier.  Amazing at the lack of customer focus from a company especially on a device that has been plagued with issues (albeit they addressed with an update) since the launch. 


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    Hi there, it happens to me now occasionally. the headset will have no sound, (I did check headphone jack connection and it was nice and tight) and the sound will only come from my phone's buit-in speaker. I had to restart the phone to solve the issue. once I restart, everything becomes normal again.  It seems like a bug within the firmware perhaps??

    I notice this issue has appeared 3,4 times already from my phone within 1 month period, after I updated the firmware.

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    My wife and daughter use the Blade V8 Pro with bluetooth headsets only, so I can't help muh.  Not happening on those however.

  • I also had this problem with my headphone jack.  I sent it in for a warranty repair (luckily I have a backup phone that wasn't too old).  Restarting didn't fix the issue for me;  It works fine over bluetooth and using the internal speaker, but cuts out and clicks with headphones and other devices utilizing the jack at some point shortly before I had it sent in.  I've been assuming it's a hardware issue;  perhaps the headphone amp IC is too easy to freak out?

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