Capacitive buttons don't work in hardshell case... Possible???

Hi everyone!

I'm brand new ZTE Axon A1R user - coming from Nexus 4.

And I stumbled across very weird behavior: capacitive buttons (back-home-recent_app) don't work every time if I put my phone into hardshell case... Even if I lay bare phone (without case) on the table they don't work every time. Looks like this phone need me to touch it's back the same time (to create circuit???)

EDIT: Today I discovered that if charger is plugged in the buttons work when phone is laying on the table...

Did somebody experienced it? Do you guys use cases?

It there something I can do?

Thanks in advance!


  • ukropukrop CanadaPosts: 2

    Yes, I bought it used. It had power button stuck in - it was easy fix (little silicon tabs that hold it in place moved - not good design). Obviously when I was buying it I was holding it in my hand so buttons worked...

    I send email to support - we'll see. I took it apart but don't know what to look for...

    Thanks anyway

  • musicdjmmusicdjm United StatesPosts: 3,126 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    jimlloyd40 wrote:You really should try online chat or call tech support 800-617-5065. Email response is atrocious. You can spend weeks trying to get a resolution through email. 

    I would also suggest reaching out to ZTE as well as I have had my Axon pro for 2 years now without ever having this issue so It might be a hardware issue since there hasnt been a recent software update.

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