What happened to my apps within folders?


I have a ZTE ZMAX2 android phone.  A few months ago, I created folders to keep certain icons in..  Last night, some of the icons seemed to disappear  within some folders.  But not all.  The apps are still installed however.  What happened inside the folders?  Thanks.


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    1) Longpress app icon.

    2)  3 options should appear(folder, uninstall, remove(abbreviated)) at top of screen for 3rd party apps and 2(folder, remove) for native apps. 

    3) drag and drop your app icon into "fol"(folder) to create a new folder and then restack your folders.

    Unfortunately, aos technology is still very young and requires some hand holding.  Which means some Inconvenience and inconsistency for the end-user.  It is not always a matter of the operating equipment manufacturer.  There is an entire operating system trying to serve the OEMs and they're all approaching it differently.  After updates, we simply often times have to rebuild some of our own user and database. 

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