I just downloaded a software update for the ZTE Zmax Pro from Metro PCS, dated May 1st, 2017. The is

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I just downloaded a software update for the ZTE Zmax Pro from Metro PCS, dated May 1st, 2017. The issue I'm having is with the text message notifications. Its only showing in the status bar wen i get a text message and not anywhere else.Specifically on the home screen where the messaging icon is at. Small detail but very annoying as i dnt know i have text messages sometimes, unless i slide the menu bar down. Please make an update for this to fix this issue!


  • Yeah this is a well known issue, there are at least two other threads on the front page alone about the very same thing. Like others say, if it's something you can't live without, you'll have to use a different texting app. Either that or hope they come out with another update that fixes it.

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    Try this first....its fast easy and you lose nothing.

    1 Turn phone off

    2 press power and volume UP buttons simultaneously.

    3 when vibration occurs, release only power button and continue to hold volume up button for 3 seconds.

    4 an Odd screen of text will appear after 5 seconds or so

    5 use volumme buttons to scroll down to "wipe cache partition" And select using power button.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO SELECT the line above this.....its a factory reset.  Be sober when you're doing this lol

    It returns immediately

    6 select restart or boot phone using power button.  It'll be highlighted already.

      If that don't work, then try the factory reset in settings under "backup, reset"

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    ​ no.  It was in response to the inconsistency in sms status notification. I learned all this from you originally anyway.....

    Like doing the CPR before the DFDR, like I mentioned.  I even said, "be sober when doing this"  B)

    reached out and I answered with what I've learned.  These are the steps.  

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