[android tips] how 2 transfer data without USB cable

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Sometimes you need a picture or video from your phone and it is too large to send via email, uploading these files to online services can also take quite some time, so why not use your local network speeds to transfer the file to your computer?

In the play store you can find multiple apps such as Solid Explorer FTP Server  that can create a ftp server on your android phone that is addressable via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

1. simply download the app Solid Explorer File Manager  as well as the ftp server plugin Solid Explorer FTP Server

2. Make sure you are connected to the same WiFi network as the other device you want to send the data to.

3. press the start button to start a FTP server on your android device.

4. Enter the server address in the windows explorer address bar, (not internet explorer, but the file and folder viewer of windows) and press "enter"

5. you will now see all files and folders saved on your android device, when you copy a file and paste it on your desktop the file transfer starts.

Solid Explorer FTP Server: miniatuur van screenshot

      Solid Explorer FTP Server


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    Yes, this makes it easy!!

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    I have used AirDroid for years.  You install it and run it, and it gives you an address to type in the bar and you're connected.  But yeah there are many.  This is just one I've personally used.

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    Yes many apps available that do exactly the same thing!

    Make sure you look at the permissions you grant the app, some apps sell your personal data and are just copies of another app.

    airDroid and solid explorer both have another business model (in app purchases)

  • I think AirDroid can help a lot here.

    You can transfer data between your phone and pc with AirDroid, and it also supports wireless data transfer.

    There are also many choices for android transfer between android phones and pc.

  • Samsung Backup is a must-have application for those who love playing movies and songs, manager and transfer files on Android phones and tablets. It fully features all the functions one may require for the management on Android devices like

  • To transfer Android data wirelessly, you can try this Android Mobile Manager to connect and transfer data via wifi. First download and install Android Mobile Manager, scan the code to conenct your phone via wifi, scan and preview the phone data on computer, transfer your files as needed. How to transfer files from Android to PC

    More: Prominent Android Mobile Manager - Effective Way to Manage or Organize Data on PC

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    Many of the top file managers in the play store will do this as well.

    ES File Explorer

    X-Plore File Mgr.

    I especially like the UI on X-Plore

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    Yes, Solid explorer is also one of the top of course, but nice to have a complete list of explorers which can do the same!

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    have u try to use the WeShare which is preload in Axon7.  It has the same function.

  • rikkkurdrikkkurd United statesPosts: 318 ✭✭

    Yes I have! works great.

    but wrote this at the time axon 7 wasn't launched yet.

  • The android device data transfer was a long question, i think it's very convenient to use a mobile phone file transfer and backup app to transfer data from android to pc, there're many this kind of apps.

  • I know a special designed android file backup app, just few simple steps to transfer everything from your phone to computer, and you can connect your phone to computer via usb cable or wifi.

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    You can easily transfer android files like messages,contacts,videos, music and photos to computer. Coolmuster Android Assistant is specially designed for Android users to transfer files between Android mobile phones and Windows computer. With it, you can easily export and manage android phone on computer directly.

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