Google Daydream coming to ZTE and other mobile partners

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Two years ago, Google announced Google Cardboard at Google I/o and while I wasn't an attendee, I got to peer into one of the Googler's headsets and see the Windy Day video come to life.  I immediately jumped at the chance to order a manufactured version of Cardboard by Dodocase and have since acquired quite the collection of Cardboard and "Cardboard style" mobile VR headsets. 

Today's announcement of Google Daydream, and the VR mode for Android N makes me incredibly excited for the future.  Anyone with a newer compatible smartphone will be able to experience much higher quality VR, possibly even better than my Samsung Gear VR provides right now. 

I was thrilled to see among the partners releasing VR compatible smartphones was ZTE.  I've grown disenfranchised with the build quality of recent LG offerings and my Samsung Note 4 is prone to overheating quickly.  I've been looking for a new mobile manufacturer for my next phone and am hoping that ZTE releases a smartphone that is VR mode capable, won't overheat in ten minutes, has a great camera and good battery life.  Another nice to have would be removable battery and expandable storage but I would do without both of those things if the internal storage was adequate and both VR and camera options were good in a quality built package.

What do others think of today's announcements?  What excites you or disappoints you about Daydream and the future of VR on mobile devices?


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    Erik, "Tomorrow Never Waits"  I think you and any ZTE fan will be surprised soon!!  Stay Tuned!!  Thank you for the post!!

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    I anticipate a surprise for all of us.  With the recent social media posts rotating around, I am confident we are in for something awesome.

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    I have already pre ordered the ps4 vr due out in October.  But agreed my last for vr stems all the way back to virtual boy days.  (who can remeber that red screen?)  any hows...  This software / hardware combo of new tech is tickling my feet right now (polite way to express how inpatient I truly am)

    Google cardboard =neat, fun

    Google daydream= amazing in theory I want to be floored by it

  • When you had the ZTE ZMAX you like to see the axon 7.Wish I Get One 

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