New Social Update for VSCO

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For the photographers in our community thought this may be of interest.

VSCO Cam is getting a makeover. The popular photo editing app for iPhone and Android, which now boasts over 30 million users, will soon see an update that distributes the app’s focus more on discovering and connecting as well as creating.

The software company states the new update will allow the app to focus on discovering images through a social network context along with the platform’s original editing and shooting options.

The VSCO community will allow users to share their own images, discover new work, and follow their favorite photographers.

This social aspect can be accessed with a simple right swipe from the personal side of the app. A swipe down brings up an image search, while a swipe up brings the camera up at any time.

Hidden controls have  frustrated new users in the past, so VSCO has already released a video detailing how to navigate through the new version.

Along with displaying images from profiles that users follow, the app will round up suggested images as well. Outside of the photos, a journal tab shares articles detailing the story behind the shots, something that’s currently only available on the iPhone version.

“VSCO has always been a community for expression,” the company has statedt. “What started as just a photo editing app has since turned into a place to create, discover, and connect for a diverse, passionate community.”

This isn't new to VSCO, and pushing for a larger chunk of the social media share is where the company is heading. While Instagram has a bigger draw with over 400 million users, the app is growing at a quick speed.

VSCO has released screenshots of the new version, but there’s no word on a release date just yet.


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    I've been a VSCO user for a while now but never really gotten into the social aspect of that app. Mainly used it for photo editing which nice and simple to use and have a lot of great filters that are free and you can also buy some (which I did). I did scroll through the social feed once in a while and saw a lot of great photos, but at the moment, for my social positing, Instagram is where I am at. It's great news for VSCO for sure, as they are growing pretty fast and more and more people are using it.

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